Inward – Outward reaction

Isn t it silly? You think you re an expert on depression but when your dearest is deep down low you stand like a question mark? Well, maybe it is because I m beating myself inwardly and he bursts out against others. As an HSP I take it all on me, thinking it s my fault. How can I stop this automatic reaction? At the same time, I  give back the same coin as he s ”asking for”. I don t want to cry as I did when I was younger when treated the same way. Why don t I listen and read between the lines? I m so busy defending myself.



When Tomorrow Comes

This video stands for a lot: For my grandma who lost her battle in cancer, but also for those who have survived traumas.

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Thank you triplet girl to let me get to know you, the good and bad with being a triplet, and your intake of A Moment in Time.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: ”A Moment in Time.”

Today’s Prompt: What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)

The last picture i took and the story behind it… that is.. its the story of my life..

So i have two siblings.. we share the same age, same house, same diseases, same grudges, same birthdays and same parents. 😛  If you didnt guess it by now.. let me lay it up for you.. We are TRIPLETS!! Yes.. Two boys and a girl.. and we dont look alike.

The LEGEND goes that the doctors thought my parents were gonna have twins.. but at the time of delivery miraculously three of us were born. 😀 The doctors were surprised and so was my family. When my mom was informed about it…

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Last Photo: Not Quite Instagram Worthy

Thank you for sharing your moment in time. It doesn t matter if it s not Instagram worthy, it s the moment in time what you refer to when you see the picture, what brings to your mind. I could feel the disappointment when you expected the Packers to give their all, but suddenly they lost the fighting spirit. Well done on the prompt.


För oss Högkänsliga

Läste en artikel som jag ville dela med mig av, För oss talangfulla men med sviktande identitetskänsla. Hoppas artikeln kan ge lite uppmuntran ❤


Wood You Like It?

SAM_2490  SAM_2499SAM_2524SAM_2503


Mitt inre gråter men mitt yttre kallt

Nu har makens beteende triggat igång min HSP med innefattande PTSD-symptom. Varför ska jag tolerera ännu en skrikandes gormandes förolämpandes person (min far är den andre)?


11 november – en bra dag

Igår var en underbar dag – solen sken och jag var ute och fick de bästa bilderna tagna på länge. Tack och lov för fotoblogg-kursen 101. Dessutom bör jag tacka min make för tips. HAN borde göra en fotoblog! Vissa lärdomar från fotokursen visste jag redan tack vare honom.