Biografi: Play with words, picture a word and a picture says more than a 1000 words. A pen is sharper than a sword. You can affect people in so many ways with your own mind, in the extreme case you can brainwash people’s mind, or maybe you could use it in a positive way to get your brain clean from nasty words, pictures, ideas and propaganda for example. Just an instep to my weary, juggling mind that s all. Lucky for you, I won’t trick you into any extremes. Day by day you get influences from outside that you react upon. It’s what my blog’s on about. I’ll be quick from going to one thing to another as the day passes by. Since I’m both analytic and artistic, you’ll get a mix of everything. It could be messy and it could be lined upp logically you name it. But since I am also taking the 101 course in photo you will get the picture as well. You get the picture? 😉 Why am I sharing it with you? For one thing, it might cheer up your day since we all now and again face different issues or problems. 2nd, it could give you some ideas or angles to things you have on your mind whether positive or negative. Since I’m a beginner in blogging I will learn as I go, thinking about the etiquettes in writing. I will get ideas from you and from the world around me. Hopefully I might get positive feedback from you. Your’s Sincerely Mrs Robinson (yeah I guess you were humming along on in the song haha)

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